If you’ve been to Venice you probably will never forget it. Its hard to explain what the feeling is with Venice but there is really something magical about a city that has no roads, no cars and is completely surrounded by water.


When people tell you that you only need a few of days to experience everything Venetian you will probably do as I did and say how can that be? But trust me its everything and more and a few days is enough.


We absolutely loved Murano Island. Its where they make all the glass sculptures and anything glass. Its fascinating. You walk into a shop and the glass blower is actually making things right in front of you. Its mesmerising and you can watch it for hours. Murano is certainly a place where my credit card got a dent.

IMG_8179  IMG_8187

They are experts in packing glass for you and all our purchases came home in one piece. The jewellery is amazing as is the street art – made entirely of glass!


Don’t miss Venice on your Europe trip – even if its only 2 nights. You will not regret it.