You get back from a holiday and most likely upload your photos to the computer. Do they sit there never to be seen again or do you go and print them to show everyone?

Taking photos is half the fun of travelling

Taking photos is half the fun of travelling

Times are changing and so the way we store our memories are as well.

What’s the best way to show your Mum, Aunty, Sister and friends your holiday snaps?

I’m sorry I am not a genuis! I can’t answer everything but I can tell you what we did.

Grab a few of your favourite shots, of course make sure you look fabulous, and enlarge them. Make a few different sizes. Head off to find some matching frames and then put them in a collage on your wall.

Our holiday photo memory wall

Our holiday photo memory wall

Don’t have a wall? Buy a scrapbook album and spend a Saturday afternoon popping the pics into that. A scrapbook is acid free and archival safe meaning that they photos will be around to show many generations.

I love scrapbooking photos because you also have room to pop in maps, tickets and also personal journals. So in 5 years when you are uncertain about the name of the concert your saw in New Orleans you just whip out the scrapbook and its recorded in ink.

So a hardcover paper thing is not you? Why not invest in a digital photo frame? Make sure you have your holiday pics rolling on it. A quick editing program will help if you wanted to record any details on the photo.

Feel free to send me your ideas. Love hearing what others do.


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