Sometimes I think I shouldn’t go away..not even for a night. I totally come home and lose it.

I lose the enthusiasm for cleaning the house, cooking dinner and doing all domestic things. I just want to ring room service and have someone come in and hang up all the towels and make my room all pretty again.

If only this happened every day...

If only this happened every day…








What’s the solution?? I don’t know! Plan for the next holiday I think is the best remedy. Then you can focus on what is coming up.

I just love relaxing and not having time frames. When you have to ask what day it is you know you are well and truly on holidays! Has that happened to you recently?? I totally had no concept of the date or even what day of the week it was on a recent getaway.

I also had time to read my book and actually remember the characters names the next time I read it! How many times have I started a book this year and then by the time I got back to it I had forgotten who each character was.

I don’t care what time we eat. We were having dinner at 9pm and breakfast at 10am…and the kids survived! Well and truly ate all their dinner with no complaints.

No one starved....

No one starved….











So lessons I have learnt from going away:

1. I love room service

2. I love the housekeepers that make up my room every day

3. I love ordering from a menu

4. When you don’t know what day of the week it is you are totally relaxed

5. Reading a book is very enjoyable when you remember the story line

6. It doesn’t matter what time kids eat on holidays they will survive







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