How do you plan for your holiday? I speak to so many travellers every day and everyone has a different method. Some are electronic, some have copious lists and others don’t plan at all!

There’s no right and wrong it’s all part of everyone’s individual holiday.

For my own holiday planning, I’m a pencil and paper girl. I still like to have lists and I keep everything in a book. I write in pencil and can easily make changes. I use stars to note what’s been booked and make new lists of to do’s.

How you plan is personal

This makes me calm and that I don’t forget anything important.

With our outback trip this month there are certain activities that required prebooking. Imagine driving for 13 hours and finding the one activity you’d been most looking forward to was booked up.

When we camp I also do meal plans so that food and meal times are easy. I change the days around depending on what we are doing that day and how much cooking time I have or what I feel like on the day! Meal planning also helps with grocery shopping and budgeting. I make sure I leave a couple of free nights for dining out!