We all know them. People like to tell you all the bad stuff when you are about to step on an  airplane or when you are about to travel anywhere in the world.


Does it help? Of course it DOESN’T. But you’re probably like me and too polite to say bugger off I do not need to know the statistics from the number of plane crashes last year.

Or then there is the helpful relative who tells you not to visit Dieppe as it was invaded by soldiers in 1942. Or don’t eat food in Bangkok as you will die from food poisoning.


Are people really trying to help? Or are they jealous that they are not going to Dieppe too?


I am still trying to figure out the reason but I believe that people who offer you stories of horror are trying to protect you.


They love you. They want you to survive your travels and come home in one piece and not get food poisoning or shot by soldiers.


The want you to have the time of your life and not have to deal with unexpected injuries or sickness.


So do you acknowledge their advice or put them in their place?


Personally I am too polite weak to stand up for myself and just say “oh really? Ahhhh…ohhhh ok…gee thanks….oh I will write that down….thanks again” followed by my asking so did that happen last time you went there?


We will chat over coffee when I return

We will chat over coffee when I return













“Oh really you’ve never been there – well when I return in one piece lets do coffee and I will fill you in on all the wonderful things…..”







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