Why can’t I take 3 jackets and 6 pairs of shoes – I like to have options? I have choices at home why can’t I have choices when I am travelling? Sound familiar. Because you have to carry it! That’s why. And you need room in your suitcase for all your travel souvenirs.   When […]

Haven’t we all done it? Joined a gym, started an exercise regime, stopped drinking because you are going on holidays?     What is with that? So when not sure why we do what we do – I googled it. Bad move. I came up with all these crazy workout options and diet plans. Seriously […]

Its like glamping (you know posh camping?), the thought of having a toilet, shower, kitchen and fridge with you at all times. The excitment of hitting the road together with a little home on board is a wonderful feeling. The freedom to stop whenever you are hungry or need to go to the toilet is […]

We were a bit astounded when people asked us if we were taking our 11 & 9 year olds with us when travelling through Europe. Not only were we going for the best part of 8 weeks why wouldn’t we want to show the kids the wonders of the world? Don’t get me wrong I’m […]

People thought I was insane, someone even asked me if I had won the lotto. Everyone said don’t do it. Why give up a perfectly good business that you’ve built up over the last 5 years to do something that everyone says DON’T ? Because I’m stubborn and I believe that people need me! Planning […]

I am obsessed. Five days. That’s all it took. Now they’ve got me. All those very clever people who market products based on an image – you’ve got me. I buy everything, an apron, note books, pens, bags, paperweights, earrings, charms and heaps of other stuff that I just look at because it reminds me […]