It’s always so exciting booking the plane ticket to your chosen destination. When I approach that check in counter I always smile and look like I deserve that complimentary upgrade to business class. It never works for me. I keep smiling hoping that my bag is under the allocated weight, relieved when they slide it […]

How do you plan for your holiday? I speak to so many travellers every day and everyone has a different method. Some are electronic, some have copious lists and others don’t plan at all! There’s no right and wrong it’s all part of everyone’s individual holiday. For my own holiday planning, I’m a pencil and […]

If you’ve been to Venice you probably will never forget it. Its hard to explain what the feeling is with Venice but there is really something magical about a city that has no roads, no cars and is completely surrounded by water. When people tell you that you only need a few of days to […]

Even if you are not into history this place is a must visit on your French itinerary. Its really hard to explain the ambience of the place and the peacefulness of Omaha Beach.   Even with kids this is a really good experience to have. There are old relics from the D-Day landings around and […]

So I thought I would share a bit of our story when we travelled to Europe with our kids recently. Edited of course.   I kept a daily journal (thank goodness for an iPad) and this actually became like talking to a girlfriend. So I will leave out the personal details but rather share what […]

Sometimes I think I shouldn’t go away..not even for a night. I totally come home and lose it. I lose the enthusiasm for cleaning the house, cooking dinner and doing all domestic things. I just want to ring room service and have someone come in and hang up all the towels and make my room […]

Travelling to a foreign country with high expectations of seeing and doing everything on the must do list is aways going to be a challenge.   I’m pretty stubborn so when someone gave me that advice before our big European trip I was a bit arrogant nonchalant that our schedule would allow us to see […]

A lot of my friends are terrified of bartering overseas. Why? We love shopping, we love a discount. I understand that it can be quite confronting, especially when you’re refused your offer.   I think the shop and market sellers can smell your fear. They see you coming a mile away with your wallet full […]

We all know them. People like to tell you all the bad stuff when you are about to step on an  airplane or when you are about to travel anywhere in the world.   Does it help? Of course it DOESN’T. But you’re probably like me and too polite to say bugger off I do […]

Is there really anyone out there who doesn’t like going on holidays?? I know the lead up can be a little stressful and the arrival in a foreign country can also be stressful and the being on time for your plane can be a bit stressful and making sure the food is not poisonous is […]